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Shorten your time
in labor

Building strength and endurance in the muscles that assist with delivery helps to shorten labor times.

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Recover Strength and Function Postpartum

Physical therapy can help prevent and treat leaking, ab separation, prolapse, and even painful sex.

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Reduce unnecessary surgeries

Physical therapy is proven to be the first line of treatment for most pelvic floor disorders.

Sources: Wallace SL, Miller LD, Mishra K. 2019. Lamin E, Parrillo LM, Newman DK, Smith AL. 2016. Haakstad LAH, Voldner N, Bo K. 2019. Li C, Gong Y, Wang B. 2016.

Origin physical therapy can support your pelvic floor and full body needs


  • Prepare your body for labor and learn how to push correctly
  • Manage pregnancy pain and stay active with safe fitness exercises


  • Regain strength in your abs and pelvic floor
  • Recover from c-section, tearing during birth, or prolapse


  • Increase comfort and pleasure during sex
  • Improve incontinence and regain strength due to vaginal atrophy

Upper body & core

  • Shoulders that are killing you from holding your baby
  • Your abs don’t look or work the way they used to

Pelvic floor

  • Leaking urine when you cough, sneeze, or run
  • Prolapse, or that heavy feeling
  • Painful sex or discomfort using a tampon

Lower body

  • Hips that hurt or discomfort sitting
  • Sciatica, that sharp pain down your leg
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Our team of physical therapists are specialized in women’s health to treat the specific needs of your changing body.
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