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Leigh Welsh Headshot

Dr. Leigh Welsh, PT, DPT, OCS


Physical Therapist


After six years in San Francisco, Leigh is back in the northeast where she grew up, now living in Brooklyn. Before moving to California, she went to Duke University for her undergraduate degree in psychology and then her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She was lucky to be exposed to women’s health physical therapy while at Duke and developed a special interest in this area. Wanting to ensure she had a full-body perspective when working with this population, she completed an orthopedic residency program and became an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) in 2018.

Leigh has loved seeing the field of women’s health PT grow and is excited to be part of a team whose mission is to support women at any stage of life. She wants to make sure that females of all ages are educated about their bodies, know that they’re not alone if something is off, and feel empowered to get help if they need it. Leigh’s goal is to help women feel more confident, capable, and in control of their physical health and well-being.

While she misses the natural beauty and pace of the west coast, Leigh is enjoying being close to her family again and having a new set of ice cream spots to try. Outside of work, Leigh loves to exercise, read, and travel.

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