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Trans Affirming Care

Vaginoplasty Prep & Recovery

We aim to create a welcoming place for our transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming patients. Although all of our PTs have expertise in pelvic floor physical therapy for people with natal vaginas, many also specialize in treating specific concerns associated with neo vaginas pre and post-vaginoplasty.

Whether you’re preparing for surgery, recovering, or experiencing other pelvic floor concerns, our PTs will provide you with expert guidance and unwavering support.

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The Origin Way

Care Created With You In Mind

Asking The Right Questions

Our intake forms include gender, pronouns, and preferred name, so you’ll be respected the minute you walk through the door. There’s also space to share details that will make your visit more comfortable, including issues you don’t want to talk about or things you’d rather type than talk about.

Treatment Focused On Your Goals

Your PT will help you improve mobility, reduce pain, and achieve goals related to exercise, daily activities, or participation in sex and intimacy. Treatment may include:

  • Breathing and other exercises to prepare for vaginoplasty
  • Assisting you with your dilator program to maintain the vaginal opening
  • Helping with scar mobilization and management
  • Supporting you with knowledge and guidance as you return to sexual activity

Feel Confident In Your Body

Think of your PT as the instruction manual for your new anatomy after a vaginoplasty, as well as your expert guide to healing — which will take time. Recovery from surgery takes about 6 weeks, but it may take several months to feel fully adjusted.

Common & Treatable

Patients who see a pelvic floor physical therapist both before and after vaginoplasty experience significantly lower rates of pelvic floor dysfunction.

“I feel stuck at my current dilator size and can’t seem to progress.”
“My scars feel hard and are painful to touch.”
“I want to be sexually active, but I’m worried it’s going to hurt.”

Source: Jiang DD, et al. Implementation of a pelvic floor physical therapy program for transgender women undergoing gender-affirming vaginoplasty. Obstet Gynecol. 2019.


What happens during a physical therapy evaluation for vaginoplasty?

First and foremost, your PT will sit down with you and ask how you’re feeling and what your goals are for feeling your best. In many cases, physical assessments include looking at your spine and pelvis, your posture, and the way you move — for example, how you walk and squat. Depending on your concerns, a pelvic floor exam can be helpful, but will only occur if and when you’re ready for it. Pelvic exams begin with an external assessment and, if needed, progress to an internal assessment, via the rectum or vagina.

What can a physical therapist do to help me heal after vaginoplasty?

Once cleared by your surgeon, a PT can help you progress your dilator regimen, work on any muscle tension or restriction, care for your scars, and support you as you return to regular activities like exercise and sex.

I had my vaginoplasty procedure years ago. Can physical therapy still help me?

People with vaginas can have various types of pelvic floor dysfunction throughout their lifetimes (pain with sex, urinary issues, and constipation to name a few). Regardless of your surgical history, we’re here to support you in feeling your best.

Can my PT help me with aches and pains unrelated to vaginoplasty?

Our PTs take a full-body approach to providing care, so they’ll be ready to jump in and assess that ache in your back or knee pain while you run, too.

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