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Stephanie S.
"I found Origin when I was pregnant. After having my baby, I came back to do pelvic floor work. It's been a godsend!"
Stephanie S.
Separated Abs, Pregnancy
Sophie S.
"After my c-section, I was experiencing core weakness, SI joint and hip pain, and tightness in my scar. My PT was incredible to work with and helped me meet my goals."
Sophie S.
Postpartum, C-Section Recovery
"I'm from France, where pelvic floor care is considered crucial post-delivery, and I was so happy when I found Origin. The team is knowledgeable, professional, and thoughtful in their medical approach."
Jennifer S.
"I've learned great exercises and adjustments for daily movements to reduce strain and pain. I've been delighted by how effective the virtual visits are."
Jennifer S.
Low Back Pain

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Pelvic Girdle Pain

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The Gist

Pain in one or more of the joints in the pelvis is considered pelvic girdle pain. The pelvic girdle consists of the bones and joints that make up the pelvis. The pelvis has 3 main joints, the pubic symphysis in the front and 2 sacroiliac joints in the back where the pelvis meets the sacrum. The main functions of the pelvic girdle are to support organs, connect the trunk to the legs, and to maintain balance and load transfer during most activities.

The shape of the pelvis changes during pregnancy. It typically widens and the joints become looser due to hormonal changes. Changes in the shape and stability of the pelvis can lead to pelvic girdle pain.

Learn more about the different types of pelvic girdle pain: sacroiliac joint dysfunction and symphysis pubis dysfunction.

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