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A woman holding a lovingly wrapped gift in her arms
Holiday Gift Guide: Lube, Vibrators, Nipple Cream & More!
A woman holding up a cookie shaped like a poop emoji to symbolize fecal incontinence
Fecal Incontinence: A Holiday Survival Guide
Women talking about their pelvic floors at a holiday gathering.
It’s Time We Talked Pelvic Health at the Holiday Table
2021 is Nearly Done — Here's What We're Grateful For
A postpartum woman feeling sensual thanks to the advice of a pelvic floor physical therapist and a sex educator.
Postpartum Sex Advice from Experts We Trust
a pregnant woman looking at an ultrasound image and worrying about gestational diabetes
Worried About Gestational Diabetes? We've Got You.
A woman lying down, doing a pelvic floor exercise
The 1 Pelvic Floor Exercise Everyone Should Do (It's Not a Kegel)
A woman about to do yoga to ease menstrual pain.
3 Yoga Poses That Help with Period Pain
A woman's midsection with a flower to symbolize the impact of perimenopause on the pelvic floor
Perimenopause & Your Pelvic Floor: Time for TLC
A pregnant woman having a virtual visit with a pelvic floor physical therapist
10 Good Reasons to Try Virtual Physical Therapy
A pregnant woman in pain holding her back
9 Ways to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain
A breast cancer survior sitting confidently astride a motorcycle with a tattoo of birds over her surgery scar
Physical Therapy & Breast Cancer: Reconnecting with Your Body
woman using a massage gun to relieve muscle tension and tightness
In the Market for a Massage Gun? We've Got Pro Tips
Woman in pain holding her lower back
Is Your Hip Pain Sciatica or Something Else?
a woman concerned about diastasis recti holding her hand on her abdominals
Check Yourself for Diastasis Recti
a woman holding her baby close to her postpartum belly above her c-section scar
All About Your C-Section Scar
LGBTQ rainbow tunnel
LGBTQ+ Care at Origin
Woman on her phone
Announcing Our New Online Booking Tool
Pregnant woman in compression socks
Swollen Feet During Pregnancy: Why It Happens & What To Do
Birth control
Birth Control for Postpartum & Breastfeeding Moms
Women with a grapefruit
Food To Get You In The Mood: How Nutrition Affects Your Sexual Health
Mother and daughter with computer
Self Care for Work From Home (WFH) Parents
Uncomfortable woman
Stress Urinary Incontinence and Diastasis Recti
Women seated doing yoga
Yoga for Your First Trimester
Woman breastfeeding
Caring for Your Body While Breastfeeding: 4 Tips to Reduce Shoulder, Back, Neck & Wrist Pain
Underwear on a clothesline
Pregnant and Itchy Down There? Get Some Relief!
Dr. Jenna Boyce, PT, DPT and her daughters
9 Tips for Preventing and Treating Mastitis & Clogged Milk Ducts
Nursing mom wearing Matek bra
Celebrating Origin Moms with the Ultimate Nursing Sports Bra
Healthy Postpartum Meals
5 Lactation Boosting Nutrition Tips
Black mother with baby
How We're Celebrating Black Maternal Health Week
Origin San Francisco & West Hollywood
Introducing Origin San Francisco & West Hollywood
Mother with baby in baby carrier
The Ps and Qs of Choosing a Baby Carrier or Wrap
Why and How to Use a Dilator After a Vaginoplasty Procedure
What is a Pessary and Do I Need One?
Woman cat/cow pose
The Research Behind Hypopressives
Health Fruits and Vegetables
6 Ways to Support Your Endometriosis Through Diet & Lifestyle
Woman looking into distance
Think Beyond the Kegel
How Big Will My Baby Be?
Postpartum belly
Is It Safe for Me to Try Postpartum Abdominal Binding?
Women's spine
Healing Your Body and Mind After Trauma
Mother's back
The 411 on Epidurals and Perineal Tearing
Woman planking
Are Planks Safe?
Woman running
Returning to Running After Baby
Mother's pregnant belly
How Pelvic Floor Exercise Improves Pregnancy & Childbirth Outcomes
Pregnant woman sitting and feeling back pain
Back Rib Pain During Pregnancy: When to DIY v. Virtual Physical Therapy
Pregnant woman doing the physical exercises
17 Stretches for Immediate Sciatica Pain Relief During Pregnancy
A site-specific mural called “Crescere” in Brentwood
Mural Design Q&A With Allison Kunath
Woman lying in bed
Sexual Health and Discomfort
Woman's & man's hands holding a positive pregnancy test
Fertility and Physical Therapy
Pregnant woman doing physical exercises
Pregnancy and Physical Therapy
Woman doing yoga with child
Postpartum Physical Therapy
Mature woman stretching
Menopause and Physical Therapy
Origin's reception in Los Angeles
Introducing our new home for women's health physical therapy in Los Angeles
Brunch food
What Foods Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?
Little girl playing
Introducing Helpr childcare in-person and online for Origin clients
A pregnant woman
The complete guide to pregnancy belly bands according to our experts
Elly Spyres with the little daughter
Origin Stories: Elly Spyres on physical therapy in "The Fourth Trimester"
Banana, eggplant and cucumber
The best vaginal dilators, according to our expert pelvic floor therapists
Eileen Rosete with the kids
Origin Stories: Eileen Rosete on Building a Team of Healing Practitioners
Baby lying on a bed
Giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic
Woman's legs
What is the best lubricant for women's sexual pleasure and pain management?
Woman running
How to use vaginal weights for a stronger pelvic floor
Woman listening to music
How to use a vaginal dilator for painful sex or penetration
Baily Hancock
Origin Stories: Baily Hancock's Experience with Physical Therapy During Pregnancy
Women holding hands to symbolize physical therapy for women
Introducing Origin: Physical Therapy for Women & Mothers

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