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Research & Reports

Pelvic pain and discomfort have been normalized for too long. The time for change — for more research, education, and access to care — is now.
A person reading the 2024 Origin Pelvic Health study on their phone

2024 Origin Pelvic Health Study

Explore the results of our latest study, conducted by Ipsos and made possible with a grant from Rise Together Ventures. This new data exposes the overwhelming prevalence and negative impact of pelvic symptoms, ranging from bladder leaks to sexual dysfunction, among women ages 18-59.

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A print copy of Origin’s State of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy report on a desk

The State of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Read our annual State of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Report, where we interview experts and thought leaders — including OBGYNs, urogynecologists, researchers, and, most importantly, pelvic floor PTs — on the facilitators and barriers to increasing access to essential pelvic health care.

The Origin Way: Clinical Impact & Cost Savings

Discover the known clinical impact of pelvic floor physical therapy, the efficacy and outcomes of Origin’s unique model of care, and the cost savings opportunity for payors passionate about supporting women’s health.

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