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Research & Reports

Pelvic pain and discomfort have been normalized for too long. The time for change — for more research, education, and access to care — is now.
A person reading the 2024 Origin Pelvic Health study on their phone

2024 Origin Pelvic Health Study

Explore the results of our latest study, conducted by Ipsos and made possible with a grant from Rise Together Ventures. This new data exposes the overwhelming prevalence and negative impact of pelvic symptoms, ranging from bladder leaks to sexual dysfunction, among women ages 18-59.

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A print copy of Origin’s State of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy report on a desk

The State of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Read our annual State of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Report, where we interview experts and thought leaders — including OBGYNs, urogynecologists, researchers, and, most importantly, pelvic floor PTs — on the facilitators and barriers to increasing access to essential pelvic health care.

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