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Learn from the best in pelvic.

We’re mentoring the next generation of pelvic floor PTs by connecting students with our expert clinicians for unparalleled learning and skill development.

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At Origin, we’ve created an elevated student experience that’s collaborative, follows an evidence-based pelvic health curriculum, and incorporates weekly skills labs. We accept 30 students into our program each year, with students placed at Origin clinics in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Houston.

Why Students Love Our Rotations

Expert Clinicians

You’ll have access not only to your clinical instructor, but also an entire team of PTs, as well as our knowledge databases.

More Independence

Our goal is for you to achieve independence by the end of their clinical rotation with Origin. Our program is designed to help you succeed.

Weekly Skills Practice

Improve your evaluation and treatment techniques, documentation skills, education for patients, case discussion, and more.

Meet Our Clinical Education Team

Dr. Amethyst Guerrero, PT, DPT

Central Regional SCCE

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What Students Are Saying

Kate B.
"I learned so much about pelvic health that I would not have otherwise! This rotation was really well organized and I felt like I was given all the tools to succeed."
Kate B.
Jennifer K.
"I loved how collaborative the space is among PTs in brainstorming best interventions, referrals, and outcome measures for patients. It feels very safe to ask questions and share knowledge."
Jennifer K.
Priya S.
"At Origin, students will learn a lot about pelvic health that they wouldn’t have otherwise from regular coursework. It’s a good experience to learn more about complex conditions and treatment."
Priya S.
"It is a positive environment that is conducive to learning. I had the opportunity to learn from almost every PT at the clinic and learned something valuable from each."
Nikki J.
"I learned a ton of info in a new area of physical therapy and found it all very beneficial. I also really enjoyed the Learning and Development and team meetings."
Nikki J.

Student Program FAQs

I would like my university to establish an affiliation agreement with Origin, Who do I contact?

Fantastic! Please contact us and let us know who to contact at your university. We'll reach out to discuss an affiliation.

Are patients who come to Origin informed that there is a student program?

Yes. Before their first visit, we let patients know that we are a teaching institution, and explain the importance of our student program. We also encourage patients to learn more by reading this blog post.

Do Origin PTs Only Treat Women?

At Origin, we specialize in treating individuals 18+ with vaginal anatomy. We know that everyone can benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy, so we empower qualified PTs to treat people of all genders and sexes at certain locations. Incorporation of patient cases beyond women’s pelvic health into your clinical rotation will depend on your individual clinical instructor.

How many patients can I expect to see in a day?

We maintain a 1-on-1 treatment model with 45-minute sessions. The total number of patients you see in your day and week will depend on your clinical instructor’s schedule.

Are there any pre-clinical requirements for me to complete if I’m doing a clinical rotation with Origin?

6-8 weeks before the start of your clinical rotation, you will receive an email from your CCCE with more details and information about what is needed prior to the start of your rotation. This information includes a student information form, your BLS certificate, a PF1 course certificate if applicable, and a signed student signature page for the DPT student manual. Otherwise, It is advised to review the material you have learned in your DPT curriculum as well as any pelvic health courses that you have taken.

Will there be more than one clinical instructor?

Depending on the rotation, you will have 1 or 2 clinical instructors. Due to the collaborative nature of our clinics, you can expect to work with several different Origin PTs throughout your clinical rotation.

Do you accept students who are only in their final clinical rotations?

For full time, in-person clinical rotations that are 8 weeks or longer, we accept students who are in the 3rd year of their DPT program. We are piloting a hybrid model clinical rotation that combines a virtual and in-clinic student experience. This is targeted towards shorter clinical rotations (2-4 weeks), and these students are typically in their 1st or 2nd year.

What is expected of me for this clinical rotation?

We expect our students to come ready to learn and experience all there is to know about pelvic health! We expect them to be excited and passionate about the pelvic health specialty and know that we are glad you are here!

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