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Physical Therapy Round Rock

Pelvic floor and whole-body physical therapy with a specialized focus on sexual health, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Covered by insurance! Get expert care in person or meet with your PT virtually.

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Origin Physical Therapy (formerly Sullivan Physical Therapy)


  • Monday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Thursday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm
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Origin Physical Therapy (formerly Sullivan Physical Therapy)
511 Oakwood Boulevard
Suite 205
Round Rock, TX 78681

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* Male and pediatric (<16 years of age) patients please call to book your evaluation.

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An Origin physical therapist demonstrating an exercise during a virtual visit

Busy Schedule? Go Virtual

Zoom 1:1 with a women's health physical therapist. Most patients can meet their treatment goals without ever coming into a clinic.

Learn hands-on techniques that empower you to care for your body, now and in the future.

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In-Person Visits

Our clinics are spa-like spaces where you can partner with a physical therapist to strengthen and heal your body.

Can't find a time that fits your schedule? Try virtual for more availability.

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An Origin physical therapist providing in-person care at one of our spa-like clinics

Ready To Feel Your Best?

We can't wait for you to discover the power of physical therapy. Your PT can help with all of these conditions and many more.

Pregnancy & Birth Preparation

Pregnancy & Birth Prep

Having a baby is as demanding as any extreme sport. Let’s get your body ready.

Vaginal & C-Section Birth Recovery

Postpartum Recovery

In your fourth trimester? This complete recovery program is for you.

Relief From Painful Sex

Relief From Painful Sex

PT can bring balance to your pelvic floor — and pleasure back to sex.

Separated Abs (Diastasis Recti)

Separated Abs (Diastasis Recti)

Pregnancy or intense lifting can wreak havoc on your abs. PT will help you rebuild them.

Body Aches, Pain & Injury

Body Aches, Pain & Injury

From back pain to sports injuries, we provide full-body PT, including post-surgery rehab.

Bladder And Bowel Control

Bladder & Bowel Control

If "peeing a little" (or pooping by accident) happens a lot, you’re in the right place.


Jessica Duke Headshot
Dr. Jessica Duke, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Beverly Lopez Headshot
Dr. Beverly Lopez, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
April Smith Headshot
Dr. April Smith, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Lauren Steele Headshot
Dr. Lauren Steele, PT, DPT
Clinical Director, Round Rock

Don't Take Our Word For It

We're over the moon about the thousands of individuals who've come through Origin's (formerly Sullivan PT) doors. Everyone should be empowered with knowledge about their own body. Here's what our patients are saying.

“I don't want to even imagine a time when I can't work with my PT.”
“It's glorious and so easy, I don't have to think and I've noticed a difference.”
“It felt like my PT really cared - like I really mattered to her.”

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