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We offer physical therapy for the pelvic floor and whole body, treating commonly overlooked health issues related to pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and sexual health. Our experts bring deep expertise in the pelvic floor, musculoskeletal conditions, and physiological and hormonal changes. We’re proud to have helped 15,000+ patients build strength and confidence in their bodies.

Help more women do less admin

Help more PATIENTS, do less admin

We’ve got your back. Don’t let scheduling, marketing, HR, and billing dominate your time. Spend time on patient care and mentorship and we'll handle practice operations.

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Join a team of passionate clinicians

Our team is committed to raising the standard of care for women nationwide. Our infrastructure, training and resources are built to elevate you and your practice in your community.

Track patient outcomes

Contribute to game changing research

We believe that PT should be the standard of care for women for issues from painful sex to postpartum through menopause. We track patient outcomes to shape policy at the national level.

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Partnering with Origin

Competitive Compensation

We offer flexible partnership models based on your needs and goals for you and your practice.

Autonomy & flexibility

Today, if something breaks or goes wrong you’re the first line of defense. We unlock your time so you can focus on what you enjoy doing most.

Employment opportunities

You will be a leader within the Origin Clinical Team and your staff will find a new home at Origin with the opportunity to grow.

Backend support

Centralized billing, scheduling, marketing, HR and patient support free up your time so you can spend more time with patients.


We provide strategic partnerships with health systems and insurance partners to increase access for more patients.

Secure future

We offer you a guaranteed path to retirement, so that you can have comfort, confidence, and stability in your future.

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What our PTs are saying

"I love my job! Our patients have such meaningful goals (pain free sex! Not peeing their pants! etc) and I absolutely love when they achieve those goals and get discharged."
Dr. Sarah Clampett, PT, DPT
"I have spent the majority of my career working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. I shifted focus to women's health during my third pregnancy. I have an understanding of what it is to be pregnant and postpartum."
Lindsey Christian, MPT
"Every single patient is so unique in their injury, goals, lifestyle and body composition and I get to take all of that and create a unique treatment protocol to help them achieve their goals."
Dr. Helen Evans, PT, DPT
"I work with women to overcome barriers that are hindering them in some way that they often don't share with others.  When we break down those barriers it's our own secret victory that we share."
Liz Miracle, PT, MSPT

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