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Top PTs are partnering with us to change the nationwide standard of care for women & all individuals with vaginal anatomy.

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Origin is the leading provider of virtual and in-person pelvic floor physical therapy. We're in-network with most insurance plans and every patient is supported with a custom exercise program, educational resources, and a strong, caring community. By joining Origin, you join our mission to make this essential care standard for all women and individuals with vaginal anatomy, across the U.S.

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We'll Do the Admin Work

From scheduling and billing to marketing and HR, we’ll grow your practice and ensure your patients have everything they need to succeed, from easy booking to a custom home exercise.

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Learn & Grow Together

Our clinical team is dedicated to learning and mutual support. We don’t just help each other do our best work, we support each other in being our best selves and living our best lives.

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Secure Your Finances

When you partner with us, you’ll be well compensated in line with your clinical expertise, your leadership skills, and all of the work you’ve put into building a thriving practice.

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Partnering with Origin

Competitive Compensation

We offer flexible partnership models based on your needs and goals for you and your practice.

Autonomy & Flexibility

Today, if something breaks or goes wrong you’re the first line of defense. We unlock your time so you can focus on what you enjoy doing most.

Employment Opportunities

You will be a leader within the Origin Clinical Team and your staff will find a new home at Origin with the opportunity to grow.

Backend Support

Centralized billing, scheduling, marketing, HR and patient support free up your time so you can spend more time with patients.


We provide strategic partnerships with health systems and insurance partners to increase access for more patients.

Secure Future

We offer you a guaranteed path to retirement, so that you can have comfort, confidence, and stability in your future.

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"We partnered with Origin to bring our vision to life and amplify our reach across the country."
Kimberley Sullivan, PT, DPT, Founder Of Sullivan PT

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