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Physical Therapy in South Austin

Pelvic floor and full body physical therapy with specialized focus on sexual health, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Covered by insurance! In-person and virtual options.

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  • Monday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday 7:00am - 6:00pm
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  • Thursday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm
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  • Origin Physical Therapy (formerly Sullivan Physical Therapy)
  • 2712 Bee Caves Road, #122A
  • Austin, TX 78746

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* Male and pediatric (<16 years of age) patients please call to book your evaluation.

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Our South Austin Team

Dr. McKenzie Becker, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Michelle Chan, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Angela Dobinsky, PT, DPT

Senior Clinical Growth Lead

Dr. Sydney Guyotte, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Kimia Kardan, PT, DPT

Clinical Director, South Austin

Dr. Christina McGee, PT, DPT

Clinical Director, Satellite locations

Dr. Amethyst Guerrero, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Jessica Swartz PT, DPT, CCI

Physical Therapist

Dr. Dana Armijo

Physical Therapist

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Elizabeth S.
"My physical therapist has been so supportive, positive and helpful with concrete steps for me to improve my pelvic health. I honestly feel like this should be standard care for every woman who gives birth."
Elizabeth S.
Kayla K.
"What a great resource and experience from start to finish! I was able to address the issues I was having in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It can be stressful when addressing pelvic floor issues but the team at Origin made the experience stress-free and I learned so much."
Kayla K.
Fern M.
"Everyone from the front desk to the therapists is the perfect mix of professional but accessible. Normally, health related visits are super hard for me, but I always leave Origin more relaxed and optimistic. 100% recommend."
Fern M.
An Origin physical therapist providing in-person care at one of our spa-like clinics

In-Person Visits

Our clinics are spa-like spaces where you can partner with a physical therapist to strengthen and heal your body.

Can't find a time that fits your schedule? Try virtual for more availability.

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An Origin physical therapist demonstrating an exercise during a virtual visit

Busy Schedule? Go Virtual

Zoom 1:1 with a women's health physical therapist. Most patients can meet their treatment goals without ever coming into a clinic.

Learn hands-on techniques that empower you to care for your body, now and in the future.

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Ready To Feel Your Best?

We can't wait for you to discover the power of physical therapy. Your PT can help with all of these conditions and many more.

Vaginal & C-Section Birth Recovery

Postpartum Recovery

In your fourth trimester? This complete recovery program is for you.

Bladder And Bowel Control

Bladder & Bowel Control

If "peeing a little" (or pooping by accident) happens a lot, you’re in the right place.

Body Aches, Pain & Injury

Body Aches, Pain & Injury

From back pain to sports injuries, we provide full-body PT, including post-surgery rehab.

We love questions.

Curious about pricing? Wondering if you need a prescription? Get answers in our FAQ or schedule a call to talk with us in real time.

How does insurance work?

To find out if we're in-network with your insurance plan, please visit our information hub.

If we are in-network, we’ll collect your member and group ID during the booking process. From there, we can give you a sense of how much your visit should cost ahead of time. (If you have specific questions about costs, we always recommend checking with your insurance company.)

If we're not in-network with your plan, we can provide you with a Superbill. Provided your plan includes out-of-network benefits, submitting a Suberbill along with a reimbursement claim can allow you to recoup up to 50 to 80% of the cost of your visits, as long as your out-of-network deductible has been met. Note that if your insurance denies coverage, you'll be responsible for the cost of your visit.

To say that navigating insurance can be tricky is an understatement. We're here to help!

How much does care cost if I am uninsured?

If you’re not using insurance, the cost of your visit will depend on the type and location of your visit. To see up-to-date insurance and billing information for services near you, please visit our information hub.

The good news: Our out-of-pocket rates are up to 50% lower than those of similar specialists.

Who can be treated at Origin?

We specialize in pelvic floor and whole-body physical therapy for people 18+ with vaginal anatomy. We know that everyone can benefit from pelvic floor PT, so where possible, we will provide care for any patient with pelvic floor dysfunction, provided we have a PT available with the relevant clinical training.

If you have penile anatomy or are looking for pediatric care, please schedule a PT Matching Call with a member of our front desk team so we can match you with the right PT.

Can I work with the same physical therapist every time?

We do our best to ensure that you can have continuity of care and see the same physical therapist every time if you prefer. However, sometimes due to scheduling challenges or availability of appointments you might not be able to see your specific PT at your desired time every week.

Have no fear! If for whatever reason you need to see someone else, you can ask your PT for a recommendation in-clinic or virtually or you can always reach out to our team and we can help match you with the right person based on your availability, symptoms, and goals.

Explore Your Pelvic Floor & Whole Body

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A close-up of two women’s faces, side by side

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One of the brightly lit, cheerful front desks at Origin
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