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An Origin patient checking out their new pelvic floor physical therapy dashboard

Introducing Your New Origin Dashboard

If you’re already a patient, you know that Origin is nothing like your typical physical therapy clinic. Whether you’re coming for an in-person visit or Zooming with a PT, we want you to feel like you’ve entered a kind of haven — a stress-free sanctuary where you can say/ask anything and focus on healing your body.

So when we started planning a digital platform that would include a personalized dashboard for every patient, we quickly realized we’d have to build it from scratch. From patient portals out of the 90s to exercise libraries featuring a single body type and skin color, existing technology wasn’t going to cut it.

Six months later, we’re launching the first iteration of our custom digital platform, available to all Origin patients, starting today.

“So much of what you do in PT happens between visits. This dashboard is about empowering and motivating you to take care of your body. I'm SO excited for you to see it!” – Sarah Clampett PT, DPT, Head of Clinical Operations

What's On Your Origin Dashboard

1. A personalized program, designed by your PT

After you meet with your PT, they’ll create or update your personalized program. It will include therapeutic exercises, recommended resources, and clear instructions on what to do when. You'll get an email soon after your visit, letting you know that your program is ready.

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2. Exercise videos with real bodies

We’ve created the very first physical therapy video exercise library that focuses solely on women and individuals with vaginal anatomy. If that isn’t noteworthy enough, exercises are modeled by Origin PTs who look nothing like cookie-cutter fitness models — two were even pregnant during our shoot.

3. Educational resources created by our clinical team

At most PT clinics, patient education consists of a pile of photocopies. Your Origin PT can now send you digital resources — many created by our clinical team — that live on your dashboard, so you always know where to find them.

4. Daily and weekly tracking tools

If you love a good tracker, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to track your exercises right from your Origin dashboard. You’ll see exactly what your PT has recommended for you, right down to sets and reps. You can check off each exercise as you do it or mark an entire routine complete with a single tap.

5. Notes and tips from your PT

At Origin, no two treatment plans are exactly alike. To keep everything personalized to you, we’ve included a “PT Notes” feature that allows your PT to leave you messages on your dashboard.

6. Your intake forms

Paperwork isn’t such a pain when all forms — medical history, insurance information, and all other intake forms — are digitized, in one place, and easily accessible. Update them anytime.

7. Surveys to support research and outcomes

While research clearly shows that physical therapy is a first-line treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction, there’s much more to study and document. Our new platform includes a system for collecting your self-reported data. Together, we can help fuel future research and improve outcomes for women everywhere.

“Our goal is to reimagine physical therapy in the context of the most intimate and important milestones in our lives — from sex to maternity to menopause. This dashboard is a key step and there's much more to come!” - Carine Carmy, Origin Cofounder & CEO

We’ll continue to add and fine-tune features in response to your needs and feedback. On that note, don’t hesitate to email us at to let us know what you think.

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