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A site-specific mural called “Crescere” in Brentwood

Mural Design Q&A With Allison Kunath

LA-based artist Allison Kunath created a site-specific mural called “Crescere” for our new home in Brentwood. Allison’s work centers on relationships and connection. She uses abstraction to tell that story while welcoming interpretation from the viewer, which is always a personal experience. For this mural, Allison wanted to create something soft and directly related to the human body’s form.

Much of Allison’s past work involves figurative human form, and Crescere merges this theme with Origin’s mission. It also incorporates themes from Allison’s series titled “Inner Architecture,” which aims to capture the personal growth journey in which we add new pieces to who we are, layering on new additions to our foundation. As Allison says, "these are additions that may or may not serve us, but ultimately, shape who we are"

Crescere speaks to our “inner architecture”, and the personal journeys we experience when building our identities over time. Read on for more.

Q. How would you describe the mural you’ve created for Origin

This mural is referential to landscape and abstract body forms. It's meant to leave room for different interpretations... You’ll find mountains and peaks, a pregnant belly and breast, the forms of a hand, legs and knees, and the curves of hips. There are also soft and sensual abstract spaces left for interpretation.

Q. Tell us more about the name of the piece?

Crescere is the Latin word for grow. The piece itself is about growth as humans and individuals, so the name is well suited. This name and theme of this mural is also closely related to Origin’s work with women, and their growth through various chapters in life.

The idea behind the architectural series is that we as humans design ourselves, and choose to work on the parts of us that are changeable. The larger part of our purpose on earth is to grow, and learn from our experiences.

Q. How did you incorporate Origin’s mission into the design?

This mural celebrates women’s bodies and their journeys. It is about the passing of time, and the things we learn or that strengthen us along the way. This mural aims to highlight that strength in women, as well as their softness.

Q. What was your goal as you created this mural? Were you trying to evoke any particular feelings?

The palette and shapes incorporated in this mural evoke celebration and joy, while creating movement in the space. It emphasizes the importance of active movement and the strength that comes from self care, promoting greater wholeness and health. The design is meant to make you feel active, but still calm and centered.

Q. Are there any features you’d like to highlight such as certain colors or shapes? What do they represent?

The colors were a collaborative process, incorporating soft nudes with Origin’s strong coral and other primary brand colors. The colors strike a balance between softness and tranquility, while still being on brand.

While there are many interpretations, I read this piece as a landscape and consider it a reference to mother nature in general. In this way, it serves as a reminder of our feminine connection with the Earth and the miraculousness of motherhood. This mural celebrates the strength of women and mothers, while emphasizing the importance of women’s health in keeping our communities strong.

There's also forms in the design that can be interpreted as the sun and the moon, and simultaneously as representations of growth, strength, energy, and life force.

Q. Talk to us about the colors.

I usually choose colors that are muted and calming in nature. The color selection in this mural is intuitive, and meant to promote calm while still invoking energy and strength. According to psychologists, the colors in this mural encourage certain energies:

  • Blue: tranquility, trust
  • Peach and tan: accountability, flexibility
  • Red (coral): courage, strength, energy, power

Q. The medical field often doesn’t take women into account - how did you incorporate women’s needs into the design?

This mural tells a story of the strength and tranquility in motherhood. Though women and mothers are often left behind by the medical field, their importance and strength is the focus of this mural. Mothers hold our communities together, and we quite literally, wouldn't be anywhere without them.

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