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Origin is Now Available Nationwide

It’s a big day for pelvic health! We’re thrilled to announce that Origin’s virtual care is expanding nationwide. For the first time ever, the millions who suffer from symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction — ranging from bladder leaks and pelvic organ prolapse to pain with sex — will have access to high-quality, evidence-based, affordable care.

Virtual care at Origin is:

  • Available to 80M women and individuals with vaginal anatomy in 35 states, with more states added weekly
  • In-network for select plans across the country, and superbills are provided for patients with out-of-network coverage
  • Supported by a proprietary digital platform with a one-of-a-kind exercise video library and custom resources
  • Not just for pelvic floor issues! Our PTs treat the whole body, at every stage of life

We’re proud to be doubling down on our mission to improve the standard of care and make accessible pelvic healthcare the norm — a mission that seemed near-impossible just a few short years ago when physical therapy was only offered in-person and insurers weren’t open to covering virtual care.

This milestone wasn’t achieved alone. All of us at Origin are grateful for the support of the Physical Therapy Boards across the country who have helped us navigate this new model of care, our multi-talented advisors (hello Ilana Glazer), the investors who have believed in our vision since the early days (Brand Foundry Ventures, Blue Venture Fund, Steel Sky, Springbank and many more), our growing network of referring doctors and digital health partners who are ensuring their patients get the holistic care they need, and insurance companies like Cigna who see the undeniable value in reimbursing for pelvic health care.

Most importantly, we’d like to thank our incredible patients who are so passionate about sharing the importance of pelvic health with their friends, families, neighbors, and coworkers.

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Why does Origin’s virtual offering matter?

Pelvic floor dysfunction is more common than seasonal allergies, and yet estimates show that there is just 1 pelvic floor PT for every 4,000 people who need help each year. Millions of these individuals live in pelvic floor PT “deserts,” with limited or no options to see a provider in person.

Our virtual visits make it possible for individuals in rural areas, as well as those with hectic work and/or care-giving schedules, to get care from some of the best-trained pelvic floor physical therapists in the field. For postpartum individuals at home with their newborn and people in chronic pain, virtual visits can mean the difference between getting help and leaving symptoms to worsen, year after year.

What’s included with virtual physical therapy?

In addition to one-on-one sessions with a licensed pelvic floor physical therapist, patients get access to a custom library of prescribed exercise videos featuring diverse bodies, educational resources focused on their unique health concerns and goals, and supportive community experiences.

Since our launch of virtual care in 2020, we’ve continued to learn and improve how pelvic floor physical therapy can be delivered virtually – and it’s working! In a survey of Origin virtual care patients conducted in 2022, 90% of virtual patients report that the care they received at Origin was excellent, and 87% of patients say that virtual physical therapy has helped them experience an improvement in their health condition.

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Carine Carmy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Origin.

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