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Pelvic Health & Your Sacral Chakra with Melanie Santos

Dec 07, 20211 min
The midsection of a female body painted in beautiful colors to represent the sacral chakra and pelvic floor

You might think that physical therapists and energy healers live in two separate worlds — one based on modern medicine, the other informed by ancestral teachings. That might be the case in most situations, but not at Origin. One of our guiding principles is curiosity, and that includes being open-minded about healing practices that have the potential to complement clinical treatments.

That’s why we were thrilled to have Wellness Guide and Spiritual Healer Melanie Santos join Origin's own Ashley Rawlins, PT, DPT, for a conversation about the pelvic floor and its spiritual counterpart, the sacral chakra. Santos kicks things off by explaining what we can expect to feel when this energy center is out of balance, then shares some simple, soulful rituals for setting it straight. Dr. Rawlins follows up with an overview of pelvic floor functions and dysfunction, and provides tips on advocating for yourself at the doctor's office — and seeing a pelvic floor PT, when you need one.

The end result is a fascinating discussion that will get you thinking about how spiritual and medical health models can overlap in helpful ways. If you don't have time to watch the recording, at least scroll down to read Santos' affirmations, which bathed us all in nourishing vibes.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

1. My body is in perfect working order.
2. Pain and discomfort is my body’s way of communicating with me.
3. I honor my whole self as the sacred vessel that carries my soul.
4. I honor the emotions that flow freely through me.
5. My emotions are balanced and clear communications of my soul.
6. I am comfortable with a life of pleasure in abundance.
7. Sex is a sacred language I am always getting comfortable with.
8. My sensuality is sacred and important for my wellbeing.
9. I am always remembering who I am — the ever-creative Universe observing itself in a human body.

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