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Self Care for Work From Home (WFH) Parents

Self care has taken on an even deeper meaning for parents over the last year. It has never been about just products and hollow gestures but now it is undeniable that caring for parents is essential to the success of our society. The New York Times set up a hotline just for parents to scream into - is there any clearer signal? As summer begins and kids are home while parents are still working, it is hard to fit these moments of care into the day and manage the logistics of daily life. The good news is that there are a lot of virtual options and the even better news is that Helpr has got you covered on child care covered by employment benefits.

You may be wondering what Helpr is:

Helpr is a back up care service for working parents. It can be covered by your employee benefits. The app is super accessible and easy to use. Helpr even provides last minute care for when you’re in a pinch. All the caregivers are extensively vetted so you can fully relax in the knowledge that your children are in good hands.

Self care is so often talked about as bath bombs and skincare products, which are both important but it is also vital that parents get the space to nourish their bodies, minds and creativity. Parents need to heal to thrive.

Online and at home options also mean these can be done safely during Covid. Parents need space to be their whole selves, you dont stop being you when you become someone's parent and you don’t ever stop discovering new things about yourself.

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Here are a few resources to support you supporting yourself:

Alma is a telehealth platform offering therapy. Mental health support is vital and you deserve a dedicated space to be seen and heard.

Healhaus is a Brooklyn based wellness space where healing is accessible, inclusive, and community oriented. It is a space where you can come as you are with no judgement, and feel free to just be. Their virtual offerings are grounding workshops like yoga nidra, reiki and guided meditation.

Sculpd theres something about putting your hands in clay that calms the nervous system. Sculpd has an at-home kit that makes it easy. Spend a couple of hours creating. Put on a podcast or your fave TV show.

Described as ‘A dance party to heal the soul’ Dancorcism is a dance party combined with energy work. It offers a chance to just shake everything out and boosts endorphins with upbeat playlists and dress up themes.

Lastly, give your body the support it needs. Origin has virtual physical therapy sessions. Our practitioners help you to be more comfortable day to day. They work with parents on postpartum healing, breastfeeding comfort but also to facilitate the busy and active lives of parents.

Self care is essential for parents. It is almost impossible to keep pouring into your kids without being cared for yourself. Take care, mama - your kiddos and your future self will thank you for it.

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