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A close up of Sabia Wade, aka the Black Doula

"The 5 Craziest Things I've Heard Birthing Partners Say" by Our Favorite Doula

We love having the inspiring Sabia Wade, CEO, CD, aka "The Black Doula" on the Origin Advisory Board. She's an invaluable source of expert knowledge — and, wow has she seen it all. We recently asked her to spill the wildest things she's heard birth partners say during labor & delivery. We know it isn't easy to watch someone you care about go through one of the most demanding experiences known to humanity, but is a little tact too much to ask?

Share these with fellow moms to enjoy some communal eye-rolling — or with future birth partners so they know what not to say.

“You will NOT get an epidural”

A cis male birthing partner told his wife NOT to get an epidural after she was in labor for several hours. There was a HEATED discussion after that!

“I’m so hungry! I’m so tired!”

Partners repeatedly complain about being hungry or tired while their laboring partner has been in labor for days and can’t keep any food down as they hope that an entire human exits their body soon.

“Hey _______! Come up to the hospital. We're in room 4.”

Gotta love when a birthing partner begins to invite all of their family and friends to the birth (without consent as if the birthing parent is putting on a concert for a sold-out show.

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“OMG! That looks terrible”

...said while taking a view of their child coming into the world.

“How much longer do you think this will be?”

No one knows and the hint of impatience doesn’t help!

Sabia Wade
Sabia Wade

Origin advisor Sabia Wade (she/they), is a Black, Queer CEO, Investor, Author, Educator, Full Spectrum Doula, and expander of Black Luxury. Founder of Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, For the Village, and author of Birthing Liberation (available March 2023). She’s served as a board member, investor, speaker, educator, and programming development consultant for organizations, companies, and communities throughout the Birth and Reproductive Health Industry around the world.

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