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2021 is Nearly Done — Here's What We're Grateful For

Taking a moment to reflect on the good things that have happened this year isn't just nice – it’s necessary to staying sane. Before the holidays go into full swing, we’d like to share six moments in women’s health that have us overflowing with gratitude.

1. California Governor, Gavin Newsom signing the "Momnibus" bill

The gist: In California, black and brown babies currently die at a rate more than double the state average. Worse, black birthing people die at a rate more than three times the state average. The landmark Momnibus bill is aimed at correcting systemic issues at the foundation of this crisis and improving maternal and infant health outcomes.

Give thanks: We’re excited to see the precedent California can set for the rest of the country!

2. Athletes setting a self-care example

The gist: Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka changed the national conversation around mental health when both athletes chose self-protection and mental preservation in the face of public scrutiny.

Give thanks: We’ve come a long way in normalizing struggles with mental health, but Biles and Osaka showed us it’s brave not to be OK (even when you’re the G.O.A.T.).

3. Activists fighting for Paid Family Leave

The gist: Carolyn Davis, Katie Bethell, and countless other activists have been fighting tirelessly to secure paid family leave for birthing people and caregivers.

Give thanks: When we provide parents with paid family leave, we see serious benefits, including improved maternal health, better child development, and more economic security for families.

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4. Women's health startups defying sexist advertising policies

The gist: There’s nothing obscene about women’s health or vaginal anatomy. Unfortunately, companies like Origin and dozens of others are still flagged for “illicit content” and often blocked from advertising in public spaces and the internet.

Give thanks: Companies like Dame and Frida Mom are challenging sexist advertising policies and breaking barriers that make it easier for women to find the resources they deserve. Check out Dame’s kickbutt subway ads, or Frida Mom’s commercial, which aired during the 2021 Golden Globes.

5. Tech advancements in women’s health

The gist: From hormone-free birth control to an overhauled design for a 150-year-old tool used in postpartum vaginal tearing, 2021 has seen the birth of groundbreaking women’s health tech.

Give thanks: Let’s get real – having a vulva is a lot to manage. Products designed with women in mind make it easier for all of us to live healthier, happier lives.

6. Women’s health PT that’s covered by insurance

The gist: There’s a shortage of women’s health PTs in the US. For the 40M every year who suffer from pelvic floor or women’s health related issue there’s less than 5,000 PT who are trained to treat those issues. Furthermore, a majority of those providers are out of network.

Give thanks: This year (and every year) we’re grateful to be able to expand access to life changing services and provide affordable care to women across the United States.

Let's help each other keep an attitude of gratitude through the holidays!

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