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Yes! Origin accepts HSA and FSA accounts. There's two ways you can use HSA/FSA dollars at Origin:

1. Put it towards your care

  • If fees associated with specialist visits fit within your plan’s guidelines, you can pay with your FSA/HSA card.
  • If you do not have a physical card, we can provide you with an itemized receipt to submit to your FSA/HSA right after your visit, just make sure to flag it to our front desk team.

2. Grab eligible retail items

  • If your PT recommends an eligible retail item that would be beneficial to your care plan, you can use FSA/HSA dollars to purchase it.
  • We may be able to write you a letter of medical necessity if HSA/FSA account requests one.

Since every plan is different, it’s a good idea to check with your specific plan to make sure physical therapy fits your guidelines.

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