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When do health insurance plans reset?

Most plans are calendar year plans, which means they start and end with the calendar year. Calendar year plans reset on January 1st.

A smaller number of plans are benefit year plans, which can start at any point in the year. When they reset depends on the plan’s unique schedule.

What happens when my insurance plan resets?

This will depend on whether there’s any major changes to your coverage. If you expect to have the same or similar insurance, you will still see components like your deductible or visit limits reset.

Am I going to pay more?

It will depend on the details of your policy, and whether you’ll be responsible for meeting a deductible or out of pocket maximum in the new year.

Can you tell me what my new benefits are?

Yes! We strive to have your new benefits ready when you come in for your first appointment of the new year.

I’m concerned about my coverage next year. Can you re-verify my benefits now?

Unfortunately no– we’re only able to see your benefits for the current calendar year. For additional support, we suggest calling the member services line on your insurance card.

My insurance is changing in the new year. What should I do?

When you have the details of your new policy, send the front and back of your new card to We’ll be able to verify your new benefits from there!

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