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Annual Insurance Benefit Reset

When does my health insurance reset?

Most health insurance plans follow the calendar year, beginning and ending on January 1st.

However, some plans operate on a different schedule called a benefit year, which can start at various times during the year. The reset date for these plans is determined by their unique schedule.

What changes when my insurance resets?

This will depend on any major changes to your coverage. If your insurance remains the same or similar, you'll notice components like your deductible or visit limits reset.

Will my costs increase?

The impact on your costs depends on the specifics of your policy. You may be responsible for meeting a deductible or out-of-pocket maximum in the new year.

What are my new benefits?

We aim to have your new benefits ready for your first appointment in the new year. We do not have access to next year's benefit information until the new year begins.

Concerned about your coverage?

Please contact the member services line on your insurance card. An agent will be able to answer questions about the details of your plan.

Changing insurance next year?

When you have the details of your new policy, send photos of both the front and back of your new insurance card to We'll take it from there!

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