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How does Origin promote accessibility to care?

I use a mobility aid. Is Origin accessible to me?

All of our locations are ADA accessible from entry and exit and our treatment beds are also accessible.

What’s the restroom situation?

There are individual accessible bathrooms in our clinics. They're gender neutral and available to all!

I can get overstimulated easily. What can I expect from the clinic environment?

The clinic is well lit by fluorescent bulbs and there is often soft music playing throughout the space; however, the individual treatment rooms are music-free, with plain walls and lights that can be dimmed.

If you have a sensitivity to light, sound, or any other environmental stimuli please let the front desk know while booking so that we can create a plan together to make sure your visit is safe and comfortable!

What types of social interactions will be required when I come in for my visit?

You will check in with our front desk team at every appointment. At your initial evaluation, you will only work with one physical therapist (PT). During that appointment you can develop a plan for future appointments and discuss whether or not you are comfortable working with a PT aide in addition to your regular PT. If a script for the check in process would help you feel more prepared just let us know!

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