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How should I prepare for a virtual visit?

Here's how to prepare for your virtual visit:

Virtual care is a breeze, with just a few simple steps to ensure a smooth experience.

1. Check your messages

Look out for pre-appointment info and to-dos in your email and texts. We can't kick off your visit without them!

2. Dress comfortably

Wear something cozy or easy to move around in – your PT might guide you through gentle stretches or exercises during your session.

3. Create some space

Set up a small area where you can move around. The size of a yoga mat is perfect!

4. Grab your equipment (optional)

If you have any equipment you'd like to use, grab it. No equipment? No worries! You can still have an amazing session.

5. Zoom in

Log in to your patient dashboard to join your visit. You can choose whether to download the Zoom app, but we recommend it for the best experience.

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