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Is virtual care as effective as in-person care?

Our patient surveys show that virtual physical therapy can be as effective as in-person care, and makes it easier to be accountable to your care plan.

Here's a few other other reasons our patients love virtual:

  1. Expect to get the best care, from anywhere: See a highly-qualified pelvic floor PT, no matter where you live. All of our virtual providers are trained pelvic floor specialists who are some of the top clinicians in the field.
  2. Learn hands-on healing skills: If you need hands-on assessment, we can teach you how to do it on your own at home. With the help of your virtual physical therapist, you can use the same feel-good techniques that you might experience in the clinic and begin to develop your own healing touch.
  3. Relieve and prevent pain, on the spot: One of the biggest upsides of virtual care is that it gives your physical therapist an even greater understanding of the challenges you face on a daily basis. Through your laptop, tablet, or phone, we can observe the way you move as you care for your baby, use your home exercise gear, sit at your desk, or do chores.
  4. Meet your goals: At Origin, patients who choose virtual visits see their PT more often. We’ve designed virtual care at Origin to support your success, starting with a digital dashboard where you can see videos of all the exercises you’ve been assigned, get custom resources, and track your progress. We're happy to say that 9 out of 10 patients rate the virtual care they receive at Origin as excellent.
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