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Is virtual care as effective as in-person care?

A big part of our mission is about increasing access to care – that's why we expanded our virtual care nationwide. While virtual care is not perfect for every patient, 90% of Origin's virtual patients report they were able to achieve their goals with virtual care. It can be especially helpful for individuals who do not have a pelvic floor physical therapist close by, are not able to take time away to commute to physical therapy, or patients who have had trauma or are intimidated by in-person care. Patients report that virtual PT help to remove traditional barriers to care and fosters greater accountability to their care plan.

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Other reasons to consider virtual care

Accessible excellence

Get the best care from highly-qualified pelvic floor PTs, no matter where you are. Our virtual providers are top-tier clinicians trained as pelvic floor specialists.

Empower yourself

Learn hands-on healing skills. If you need hands-on assessment, we guide you on how to do it at home. Your virtual physical therapist helps you apply feel-good techniques, fostering your own healing touch.

On-the-spot pain relief

Virtual care provides a unique advantage. Through your device, we observe how you move in your daily activities, allowing us to address challenges right where they happen – caring for your baby, using exercise gear, sitting at your desk, or doing chores.

Goal-oriented success

Virtual care at Origin is designed to support your success. With a digital dashboard, you can access exercise videos, custom resources, and track your progress. No wonder 9 out of 10 patients rate the virtual care at Origin as excellent.

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