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Your first appointment (evaluation)

Your first appointment at Origin is all about evaluating where you are, and what brought you to PT. Your physical therapist will talk with you about your symptoms and conduct a physical assessment to help identify what's going on with your body. Together, you'll co-create a care plan that addresses whatever you need most. The appointment will be 45 minutes long.

Still curious? Click here for more about what to expect, or here for more on how to prepare. You can also visit our new patient FAQ by clicking here.

Your follow-up visits

At each follow-up visit, you will work through the plan of care you and your PT co-created during your evaluation.

You will typically begin your appointment with a PT aide, who will start you on a warm-up and relay any changes since your last appointment to your PT. When your PT is ready to join you, your treatment will vary based on your diagnosis and main concerns. You can anticipate your appointment to last 45 minutes.

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