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A Superbill is like an itemized receipt for healthcare services — it includes important, insurance-related info like procedure codes and costs.

Why would you want a Superbill from Origin? If we are out-of-network with your insurance plan, submitting a Suberbill along with a reimbursement claim may help you recoup up to 50 to 80% of the cost of your physical therapy visits (provided your plan includes OON benefits and your OON deductible has been met). While this process takes a little time and effort, it can definitely be worth it!

Follow these steps to get a Superbill from Origin and submit for reimbursement from your insurance provider:

  1. Pay upfront: Start by paying Origin directly for your visit(s). Save your receipt.
  2. Let us know you’d like a Superbill: The easiest way to request a Superbill is to log into your Origin dashboard, navigate to “Visits” and hit the “Request Superbill” button next to any past visit. Our team will generate a Superbill for you and send it via email. You can also email us at to request one.
  1. Check your insurance coverage: Contact your insurance company to ask about your out-of-network benefits for physical therapy and how to submit for reimbursement.
  2. Submit your Superbill: Upload or mail in your Superbill along with your claim and any other required documentation.
  3. Track your claim: Keep tabs on your claim via your insurance website, or follow-up with phone calls to check its status.

Reminder: Always consult your insurance plan's official documentation or contact your insurance provider directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding reimbursement procedures.

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