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Like at other physical therapy clinics your first visit at Origin will be an evaluation. If PT is right for you, your physical therapist will recommend scheduling additional follow-up visits. 

What happens during an evaluation?

Your evaluation is all about evaluating where you are and what brought you to PT.Together, you and your physical therapist will...

  • Talk about your symptoms and concerns
  • Conduct a physical assessment to help identify what's going
  • Co-create a care plan that addresses whatever you need most

Within 48 hours of your evaluation your physical therapist will upload your home program to your dashboard. You’ll get a heads up via text, or can log in any time by visiting Your program will contain exercises and stretches tailored to your diagnosis, and completing them will help you make progress in-between appointments.

What happens during a follow-up?

During each follow-up, you’ll work with your physical therapist to progress your care plan and hit new milestones. Each follow-up is customized based on your unique needs. Your PT might:

  • Ask about your symptoms since your last visit
  • Check your body ergonomics or range of motion
  • Conduct an assessment or guide you through a self assessment

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