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What is virtual care?

Most people have a hard time imagining physical therapy without physical touch. However, our patient survey show that 90% of virtual patients achieve their goals doing virtual physical therapy. Virtual care doesn't work for every patient, but it can be especially helpful if:

  1. You don't have an in-person option nearby – Qualified pelvic floor physical therapists are few and far between. In the U.S. there is approximately 1 pelvic floor PT for every 4000 women who need care for a wide range of pelvic floor symptoms, ranging from sneeze-induced bladder leaks to pain with sex.
  2. You want to learn hands on healing – If you need hands-on assessment or therapy, we teach you to do them on your own at home. An empowering side-effect is that you realize that you don’t need someone else’s hands to “fix” you. With the help of your virtual physical therapist, you can use the same feel-good techniques that you might experience in the clinic and begin to develop your own healing touch.
  3. You have certain at-home moves that aggravate your pain – if getting out of bed, picking up your baby from the crib, working form your desk etc. are causing a lot of pain your PT can observe the way you move as you care for your baby, use your home exercise gear, sit at your desk, or do chores.
  4. You don't have time to go in-person – If you’ve been putting off seeing a pelvic floor PT because you’re reluctant to go to a clinic, you’re not alone. Whether you don't have time to commute to and from the clinic or for patients who have had a pregnancy loss or struggle with fertility, being around pregnant patients can be heartbreaking. For those who have experienced sexual trauma, the prospect of a pelvic floor assessment can keep them away. Getting virtual care from the safety and comfort of home can help you start the healing process without having to jump as many physical or emotional hurdles.
  5. You have a hard time stay consistent – At Origin, patients who choose virtual visits see their PT more often. This one is a no-brainer: Instead of hiring a babysitter, getting ready to leave the house, navigating traffic, and checking in at a clinic, all you have to do is join a Zoom. That makes fitting visits into your schedule a breeze, even on busy days.

What does virtual care at Origin look like?

All of our virtual providers are trained pelvic floor specialists who are some of the top clinicians in the field. Our cutting-edge digital platform and virtual visits are crafted to address pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and sexual health concerns effectively.

What's included

  • Personalized 1:1 sessions with a skilled pelvic floor physical therapist.
  • Access to a tailored library of prescribed exercises for your specific needs.
  • Engaging educational resources to empower your health journey.
  • Connect with a supportive community for shared experiences.

How virtual care works:

  1. Book your visit: Conveniently schedule online or give us a call.
  2. Get comfortable: Wear your favorite comfy clothes (grab a yoga mat if you have one).
  3. Connect virtually: Join us on Zoom from the comfort of your home – feel free to involve children and partners!
  4. Receive a personalized care plan: Collaborate with your PT to build a personalized care plan and embark on the journey to feeling your absolute best.
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