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Announcing Our New Online Booking Tool

Aug 23, 2021Alex Kramer1 min
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We have some big news: Today, we’re launching a brand new appointment booking tool. It may not sound sexy but, excuse us as we geek out because we’re obsessed with making life easier for our patients.

If you’ve booked with us in the past, you know that the experience may have sometimes felt low on functionality and high on frustration. We heard feedback from many of you about wanting an easier way to book, re-book, and confirm your appointments. With our new system, you’ll enjoy seamless everything:

  • Automated appointment scheduling with more availability
  • Confirming, rescheduling, and cancelling via text
  • Filling out and updating your medical history forms through a secure portal

For new patients, our booking tool leads you through a simple questionnaire  that will bring your physical therapist up-to-speed before your visit starts — so you’ll waste zero minutes of treatment time filling out paperwork.

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Now that it’s a breeze to make changes to existing appointments, we’ve revised our cancellation policy and ask that you let us know if you can’t make it 48 hrs in advance in order to avoid a $30 cancellation fee. It's our goal to give every Origin patient incredible, high quality care that works for their schedule. Your consistent attendance based on your care plan is crucial to your full recovery.

Join us in celebrating this milestone for our growing startup. Our very own female-led technology team is cheers-ing it’s 5 o’ clock somewhere.

Alex Kramer Headshot
Alex Kramer

Head of Digital Products & Tech

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