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Mom-to-Mom Advice for the First 3 Months (We'll Keep This Short)

When it comes to surviving those first, wildly messy months, no one knows better than other moms. We asked some recently postpartum Origin patients to share the advice or encouragement they would have found most valuable when their baby was brand new.

They kept it real short because they know (all too well) that it's just a matter of minutes before you have to put down your phone and get back to feeding, bouncing, bathing, changing, cleaning, and sneaking in a few precious hours of sleep.

“You and baby are BOTH learning new skills. Things WILL get better not because the issues don't exist anymore, but because you both level up and learn how to live in this new world.” - Elise
“I wish I had known that I would be very sensitive specifically when my milk came in. My hormones were RAGING that day.” - Lauren
“I was too scared about leaving my baby to take time for self-care, but in hindsight, I could have had my husband or a friend come with and watch the baby, no problem.” - Kathleen
“If you don't make time for pelvic floor PT, your body will force you to make time for it later. Better to do it now.” - Lauren
“I wish I knew how brutal the post-weaning hormonal dip can be.” - Julie
“Don't be discouraged if you're not ‘back to normal’ by the 6-8 week check-up. It took me 6 months. You will feel better!” - Isha
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“Let people help you with the baby so you can focus on healing. There will be SO much time for you to bond with your baby.” - Ashley
“Build a ‘board’ that you trust and ask for advice often. It could a text thread of college friends, other moms, or coworker parents. It will be invaluable.” - Annie
“I wish I had known how much seeing specialists would impact my quality of life. If you feel like you need to, see a therapist for your mental health and a pelvic floor therapist if things aren't right down there.” - Annie
“You don't have to entertain visitors. They likely want to help. Don't be a martyr, let them help!” - Hillary

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