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The original Origin team

It's Our Birthday!

For the past two incredible years, we’ve been creating a safe space for women and all individuals with vaginal anatomy to get the care they deserve. If you’re reading this, it means you’re with us on this journey, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Back when we launched Origin in 2020, some folks thought pelvic health was “too niche.” In meetings, after describing our mission to support 40 million+ people who struggle with pelvic floor issues related to pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and sexual health, we’d often get blank stares, shoulder shrugs, or comments that it was “all about kegels, right”? More than 40 million, yet somehow niche.

Instead of screaming in frustration (which we’d do after meetings), we kept our heads down and kept building. We focused on each and every patient who walked through our doors, and all those we couldn’t serve yet. Across every team, from clinical and product to marketing and finance, we hired amazing individuals who aren’t afraid to go big, while still taking the time to get the details right — and shower each other with Slack shout-outs every Friday.

Together, we’ve become one of the largest women’s health PT companies in the country, with so much to celebrate:

  • The grand opening of our clinics in West Hollywood and SF in 2021
  • 4 more clinics across Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin (including an amazing new partnership with Sullivan PT)
  • 30+ talented and passionate PTs, specializing in pelvic health and women’s needs
  • Nearly 100 team members working across 11 states
  • Mentorship and L&D programs for PTs at all stages of their careers
  • Virtual care programs that have supported over half of our patients
  • The launch of our very own digital platform, including our Home Exercise Program and patient-centered and inclusive intake forms
  • More than 15,000 individuals cared for!

These days, pelvic health is having a moment, and we’re proud to be leading the shift — to normalize taboo topics (sex, poop, oh my!), to increase access to care, and to elevate research demonstrating that physical therapy is a first-line treatment, so more folks get PT, instead being sent straight to surgery.

Thank you to the people who are making this possible: our Origin team members who live our mission every day, our community of birth workers and referring providers who champion this evidence-based care, our investors who understand the power and potential of virtual-first pelvic floor therapy, and all of you out there who are supporting the pelvic health revolution.

Most of all, we want to celebrate every Origin patient who rebels against the status quo by learning more about their bodies and prioritizing their pelvic health. Since our first period cramps, we’ve been trained to downplay pain and discomfort and “just deal” with symptoms that even doctors feel too embarrassed to talk about. As we continue to expand across the U.S., we’re confident that more and more women will follow in your footsteps — and the impact will ripple out for generations. Thank you for leading the way.

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Carine Carmy Headshot
Carine Carmy

Carine Carmy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Origin.

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