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Beverly Miras Headshot

Dr. Beverly Miras, PT, DPT


Physical Therapist



Bev attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2017. Bev is experienced in treating patients with a wide range of orthopedic conditions as well as pelvic floor conditions including urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and prenatal and postpartum musculoskeletal conditions. Bev's continuing education includes female pelvic floor function, dysfunction & treatment and cancer rehabilitation. She is a member of the APTA in the Orthopedic, Pelvic Health, and Pediatric Physical Therapy sections.

Ever since a course in college introduced her to the history of women and community health and the barriers in accessing safe and preventative health care, Bev has been passionate about contributing to pelvic health and improving access to health care. As a physical therapist, she strives to help patients of all abilities achieve their goals. Bev highly values patient advocacy through promotion of education and overall health and wellness as well as providing health care for underserved populations.

She grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in San Diego. Outside of work, she can be found exploring local hiking trails, trying new vegan and vegetarian recipes, golfing with her husband, and playing board games with friends.

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