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Bre Stuhlmuller Headshot

Dr. Bre Stuhlmuller, PT, DPT


Physical Therapist



Bre is a California native and grew up in the Bay Area. She worked her way down the coast, first studying psychology and communication at UC Santa Barbara, and then getting her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. She was first introduced to women’s health and pelvic floor PT during her last year of school where she quickly realized how beneficial and necessary this line of work was. She decided she wanted to work with and educate women about their bodies so that she could help improve their quality of life. She has become especially interested in helping women through their pregnancy/postpartum journey after having recently gone through that herself.

Bre takes a holistic approach to treating her patients and often incorporates general wellness practices into her treatment sessions. She also strives to help her patients understand the purpose behind the therapy they are receiving so they can begin to relate to their bodies differently and take an active role in their rehabilitation process.

Bre loves being a new mama and spends the days she’s not working with her sweet baby girl. She enjoys moving her body through Bar Method, HIIT training, and cycling. She also loves traveling and eating delicious food with her husband, and playing with their dog, Mila.

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