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Brooke Fantin Headshot

Dr. Brooke Fantin, PT, DPT, COMPT


Physical Therapist

San Francisco


Brooke, originally from the Philadelphia area, received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Miami in Southern Florida. Prior to diving into her physical therapy career, Brooke set off on a personal journey to start to understand her own body by accomplishing a 200-hour yoga teacher training. This is where Brooke's passion for empowering and supporting women began. Throughout her PT school career, her desire to get involved in the Women's Health field grew as she learned more about the potential "shortcomings" that women are faced with when going through major milestones of womanhood. Ever since, Brooke has been passionate about educating and guiding women through these phases of life to ensure they have the resources they need to make informed decisions about their own health that makes them feel confident and comfortable! In addition, Brooke has completed training in Women's Health Coaching and is now becoming a Certified Pre and Post-Natal Coach. She is expanding her practice as a yoga practitioner by earning her 500 hours and is also in a part-time Manual Physical Therapist residency program. When not working or studying, Brooke likes to spend her time being active and creative! She enjoys jiu jitsu, swimming and loves to summit an occasional peak.

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