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Morgan Conner Headshot

Dr. Morgan Conner, PT, DPT


Physical Therapist

San Francisco


Morgan first considered physical therapy as a career shortly after starting at Mount Holyoke College but it would be another seven years until she finally started physical therapy graduate school at Samuel Merritt University. In the three years between her undergraduate studies and starting at Samuel Merritt, she returned to California to be close to her family who still live in the home she grew up in Sebastopol. She became a Pilates instructor and worked as a physical therapy aide in an orthopedic clinic. It was here that she first learned about pelvic floor physical therapy and knew that was where she wanted to end up.

After graduating from Samuel Merritt with a doctorate in physical therapy, Morgan returned for 2 ½ years to the same orthopedic clinic where she had worked as an aide and then made the jump to full time pelvic floor physical therapy and spent the next two years treating people across the gender spectrum to improve their pelvic health. During that time she developed a special interest in helping people overcome sexual dysfunction, especially painful sex. She brings a blend of her orthopedic and pelvic health experience to her practice and is always looking for ways to make her patients feel comfortable and hopefully get them to laugh a bit!

In her spare time, Morgan can be found riding her bike, training for her next triathlon, social dancing, or sitting quietly and knitting!

Morgan is trained to treat pediatric patients.

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