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A map of the united states showing locations of Origin clinics plus a banner that reads '20 Clinics - Virtual Care in 50 States'

Time to Celebrate: 3 Years, 20 Clinics, 50 States!

Three years ago, in August of 2020, we opened our first Origin clinic in Los Angeles, California. By the end of this year, we’ll have a total of 20 clinics across the country.

As a small, scrappy team, determined to increase access to essential women’s health care, we’ve been heads down and relentless in pursuit of our vision – in spite of pandemic scares, financial curveballs, explicit censorship, and implicit bias from the outside world.

Despite being filled with pride and gratitude as Origin's CEO and a Co-founder, I’m not always great at celebrating (working on it in therapy!), but moments like these require a brief pause to step back to acknowledge how quickly Origin has expanded in response to the massive need for women’s health and pelvic floor PT.

Origin by the numbers:

  • 20 Clinics by end of year
  • Virtual care in 50 states
  • Over 80 PTs
  • NPS of 98 (If you're not sure what that means, just check out our Google reviews)

Our entire team is excited to be growing so quickly — and alongside thousands of colleagues and experts in pelvic health. In case you missed it, pelvic health is having more than a moment: media coverage is booming (see LA Times’ amazing overview), celebrities are de-stigmatizing symptoms like pain with sex (most notably Origin Advisor Ilana Glazer), and pelvic floor PTs are reaching a million followers on TikTok (check out Origin Advisor Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas, DPT).

How did we get here? Well, it takes a village…

A big thank you to:

  • Our amazing clinical team, who span from recent grads to seasoned experts with 20+ years of experience – and a special shout out to the folks leading our newest clinics who have an average of 8 years of tenure as pelvic floor therapists among them.
  • Our Clinical Leadership Board - Head of Clinical Kimberlee Sullivan, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD, Head of Clinical Quality & Education Liz Miracle, PT, MSPT, WCS, and PC Owner & Head of Clinical, Virtual Sarah Clampett, PT, DPT, who work together to uphold both clinical excellence and market leadership as we scale, including a high-quality patient experience, strong clinical outcomes, regulatory compliance, and an uplifting work environment for clinicians and supporting staff.
  • The small n’ mighty teams who support quality care each and every day in our clinics and behind the scenes: operations, people operations, RCM, marketing, product & tech, and finance.
  • The support of our 1,200+ referring providers, from OBGYNs and urogynecologists to mental health providers and doulas.
  • Our investors, including Blue Venture Fund, Brand Foundry Ventures, Steel Sky Ventures, Springbank Collective, and many more individuals and institutions who believed in us from day one and are dedicated to the long game of increasing access to this essential care.
  • Our superstar advisers - Origin's Advisory Board has incredible reach and influence in the fields of pelvic health, mental health, gynecology, reproductive health, and more. Through their own work and their advocacy, they continue to broaden and deepen the conversation.
  • All of our patients who trust us each and every day with the most intimate care — and who refuse to settle for less than feeling good in their bodies.

We’re so excited to be a part of the seismic growth in awareness around pelvic health, so women and people of all sexes and genders can better understand their bodies, reduce pain, and hopefully increase pleasure through every stage of life.

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Carine Carmy Headshot
Carine Carmy

Carine Carmy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Origin.