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Caitlin Abusamra Headshot

Dr. Caitlin Abusamra, PT, DPT


Physical Therapist

Los Angeles


Caitlin is a physical therapist from Boston, Massachusetts. She completed both her bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Science and her doctorate in Physical Therapy at Northeastern University. After graduation, Caitlin worked in a prominent east coast orthopedic hospital, and was doing personal training and nutrition coaching as her side hustle.

She started diving into pre- and post-natal fitness after seeing what little information her coaching clients had access to, and fell in love. Moving out to California and finding Origin was like fate, and she found women's health, the branch of PT that she was really passionate about. Since then, Caitlin has taken a holistic approach, specializing in pre- and post- natal rehab.

She enjoys weight lifting, cooking, hiking (but hates running!), wine, and movie nights with her cat, Bailey, in her free time.

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