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Alexandra Ashcroft Headshot

Dr. Alexandra Ashcraft, PT, DPT


Physical Therapist



Alexandra was raised in the suburbs of NYC before she moved to Philadelphia to study Classics and Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She started working in the fitness industry during undergrad and was witness to the profound benefits that a consistent movement practice can have on a person's physical and mental health. This led her to Temple University, where she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and further developed her interest in women's health. She pursued additional certifications and clinical training in her final year, and following graduation, moved across the country to start her dream job at Origin Physical Therapy in Los Angeles.

Alexandra's prior work experiences and her decades as a competitive diver and Olympic weightlifter allowed her to personally experience the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  Today, she is passionate about integrating lifestyle medicine practices with physical therapy for her patients. In her free time, she loves experimenting in the kitchen, running by the beach or in the mountains, camping and hiking, and painting with watercolors.

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