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Daria Tavana Headshot

Dr. Daria Tavana, PT, DPT


Physical Therapist

Los Angeles


Daria was born and raised in New Jersey. She studied Health and Exercise Science at The College of New Jersey, then pursued her dream of being a physical therapist at Columbia University in New York City. During her first year as a practicing therapist, Daria attained a specialty in cancer rehabilitation. She enjoyed working specifically with women suffering from breast and lung cancer, and found her passion empowering women to achieve their goals.

Daria’s lifelong personal goal has been to move to California, and upon moving to her new state, wanted to challenge herself with a new specialty that would also encompass her desire of educating and helping women. Daria is continuing her education with the Academy of Pelvic Health to further her knowledge in women’s health, while incorporating her experience of general orthopedics and cancer rehabilitation to provide the best care for her patients. On her free time Daria enjoys running, yoga and trying new food.

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