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Kristen Merchant Headshot

Dr. Kristen Merchant, PT, DPT


Physical Therapist



Kristen, grew up in surrounding cities of Los Angeles, CA. Kristen's initial interest in Physical Therapy was sparked in undergrad while pursuing athletic training. She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Kinesiology and then went on to obtain her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After the birth of Kristen's first son, who was born 11 weeks prematurely due to complications with the pregnancy, Kristen deep dived into the realm of Women's Health. She developed a passion for all things breastfeeding and pelvic floor related. Kristen is committed to serving the prenatal and postpartum population in easing the transitions into motherhood, whether it's their first birth, or any subsequent birth, as no two births are the same. In her free time, Kristen and her husband enjoy trying out new Vegan restaurants, and taking walks with their two boys.

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