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Notice of 2024 Self-Pay Rate Changes

Originally Circulated December 1st, 2023

Making PT accessible is what Origin is all about, so we work hard to partner with insurance companies and keep self-pay visits as affordable as possible. Unfortunately, what we charge depends on reimbursement rates — which remain frustratingly low for pelvic floor PT, even as the cost of healthcare rises, nationwide.

As a result, our rates for self-pay follow-up visits will be increasing as of 2/1/2024. If you're paying for care through insurance, these rates will not apply to you.

On the very bright side, our visits continue to cost 30-50% less than other clinics and we aim to keep it that way! If you have questions, we’re here and ready to help. Reach out to

In-Person Rates (Effective 2/1/2024)

Virtual Rates (Effective 2/1/2024)

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