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Madeline Manion Headshot

Dr. Madeline Manion, PT, DPT, CLT, WCS


Physical Therapist

San Francisco

Madeline is passionate about helping women feel better in their bodies at all life stages through pelvic floor physical therapy. Her mission is to shed light on this often overlooked area of women’s health by providing a safe and supportive space where her patients can talk openly about their health concerns and learn more about their bodies. Her goal is to help patients return to doing what they love most in life with a sense of confidence, ease, and empowerment. Madeline taught yoga for 8 years before moving across the country to pursue a career in physical therapy. She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of California San Francisco where she presented research on the benefits of pelvic floor muscle exercise on female sexual function after vaginal delivery. Following her degree she completed the Women’s Health Residency Program at Agile Physical Therapy and received her board certification as a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist. When she’s not working with patients Madeline loves to hike and watch wildlife, travel, eat delicious food, and read.

Madeline is trained to treat pediatric patients.

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